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Guideware Fenceline

Fenceline Monitoring

Everything you need to run a
successful Fenceline Monitoring

Explore Fenceline Dashboard

The Fenceline web application at a glance

A lot of the Fenceline Monitoring program is managed through the web dashboard. Data can be imported from Excel spreadsheet, CSV, Android devices or manually entered through the web interface.

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Web, Windows and Android working together

Transfer route data to an Android device using Guideware Connect or directly from the web application (requires internet connection). Technicians use the mobile devices to document collections, installations and abnormalities.

Fenceline Monitoring Guideware Connect Fenceline Android

Outstanding technical support

Guideware provides in-house technical support nearly around the clock. Regular business hours are 9:00 am - 6:00 pm ET, with support staff on standby after hours.

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Fenceline Android

Mobile device contain all necessary information

Once the route is transferred to the mobile device, technicians can use the information to complete their rounds.

Simple to follow instructions

Each location provides validation information regarding required actions.

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No internet connection required

The Android devices can interact with the web app directly if they have access to wifi, otherwise USB serves to transfer data.

Digital signatures collected

Each tech digitally signs data upon completion and transfer.

Fenceline Monitoring Data

Guideware Fenceline provides all the data needed through the web dashboard. Configure multiple users and roles to control how users can interact with data.

Result Details

Examine locations and the corresponding results data by date ranges and compare different values

Locations can be actively added and taken away from results data view

Fenceline Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Guideware Fenceline provides numerous ways to explore data

Fenceline Statistical Analysis

Important dates and values

Important dates and values are displayed on the main site dashboard. Notifications can also be configured to send emails to different users during specified events.

Fenceline Statistical Analysis
No WiFi Required

While mobile devices are capable of connecting to WiFi it is not required to transfer data. Data can also be transfered via USB.

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